Have you ever wondered what that green nasty looking stuff is on your Bethel Ohio home or business? How about roof stains? That is mildew and algae growing on your investment, giving it an unsightly dirty look which could benefit from one of the three methods of cleaning we offer which is Pressure washing, Power washing, or our most popular, soft washing. we are here to offer you a very cost effective way to bring back the sparkling look of your property!  We take advantage of a low pressure house washing method to go about cleaning your home or business that keeps the high pressure damaging effects out of the cleaning process.  Roof stain removals are also performed with no damage, low pressure techniques. Pressure washing, and Power washing have their place, but NOT on your home or roof.  Keep in mind we do offer pressure washing and power washing as well but we only use those methods when cleaning hard surfaces such as concrete.  We take advantage of a concrete surface cleaner to get that perfect, consistent look.  Please look at our customer reviews, process, and before and after pictures HERE on our full website!  Or give us a call at 513-642-WASH.   Lastly, and most importantly, we always like to give fair warning to our customers to be sure to always ask potential power washing contractors if they use a soft wash process to clean your investment.  High pressure has its place, but the last place you want to use high pressure is on your home, business, and especially roof cleaning which should always be low pressure chemical wash.  Remember, high pressure = DAMAGE!!!!

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