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New Richmond Ohio, a river town with beauty throughout!!!  Unfortunately, like all surrounding towns, we are all seeing more and more mold, mildew and green algae tarnishing the looks of our homes, concrete, and even leaving black streaks and stains on our shingle roofs.   Look no further for your power washing, pressure washing, and soft wash house washing needs than the professionals here at Mr. Wash!  Our small family owned business specializes in Soft wash house washing, soft wash roof stain removals, concrete surface cleaning, along with general pressure washing and power washing.   Keep in mind, Our Soft wash process is the safest and most effective way to clean your most prized investment.  Keep in mind, when it comes to washing your home, High pressure = DAMAGE!!! so be sure to hire an experienced, knowledgeable company or you may be in for some major headaches and damage. To  learn about our low pressure process,  our reviews, before and after pictures, or learn about the health hazards of having these unsightly organisms growing on your investment, click HERE to see our full Website!  We can also be reached by telephone at 513-642-WASH.  We would love to assist all potential customers with their exterior cleaning needs whether it be for soft washing, pressure washing, or power washing! We look forward to hearing from you!

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