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Soft Wash House Washing

Having your home washed is a chore that cannot be performed SAFELY without the low pressure application of the correct detergents, and algae and mildew killers. High pressure has its place but NOT on your home!  Often, we here at Mr. Wash find ourselves explaining that our SOFT WASH process is the ONLY effective way to not only clean your home, but ensure that you kill all the algae and mildew in the process. Using high pressure to wash your home is NOT a safe and effective way to clean your home.  Think about it….  Your home is really dirty and the first thing that comes to mind is to get out the pressure washer and start blasting away, right?  Well, without KILLING the algae and mildew first, you have blown tiny living organisms behind your siding. Now, all of a sudden you have an issue that is much more problematic. The LAST THING you as a homeowner want is live algae and mildew being pushed behind your siding. This is where the professionals at Mr. Wash provide a solution to safely wash your home with LOW PRESSURE, and effectively bring back your homes beauty all while killing all mildew and algae in the process.

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Soft Washing Process

Our soft wash process used to clean your home does not involve high pressure power washing or pressure washing.  It involves a low pressure application of specially formulated detergents and mildew and algae killers.  We follow up with a high volume low pressure rinse.  This process is much safer and effective than our competitors, which are still using high pressure, which can and will damage your siding. Often we have new customers call us stating they hired someone the year prior and cannot understand why their home has algae and mildew all over it again.  Well, that is actually very simple! Algae and mildew are alive and well attached to your home.  If these organisms are pressure washed off your home without killing them first, they are displaced from the house to the BOTTOM of your homes foundation.   These pesky organisms are going to slowly but surely (most likely the very next year) creep right back onto your home. Think of it like this.  Would you call someone to power wash your home if you had bugs crawling all over the siding?  No, you call someone to come and exterminate the bugs to completely rid the problem right?  That is exactly what we do when we perform every house wash. We EXTERMINATE all the live mildew and algae.  Keep in mind, all before and after house wash pictures in our album were performed with pressure similar to what comes out of a garden hose sprayer.  No pressure, NO DAMAGE!!! Not only will your homes curb appeal sky rocket, but all algae and mildew are dead and gone.  This should be a very important reason for having your home cleaned by the professionals at Mr. Wash House Washing, your most trusted, knowledgeable and highly rated exterior cleaning business in the service area!

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House Washing Cincinnati

They did a fantastic House Washing job on our home. We had a lot of mold and algae on our house. They were professional, reasonably priced and our home looks great. Multiple people in our subdivision have been asking who we used.

Heather Hodge

House Washing Cincinnati OH

We were very pleased with the attention to detail as they got every section of the house. We were amazed at how much different our house looks now as it is so clean. We would highly recommend this House Washing company to anyone. They were courteous and professional and prices are very reasonable.

Michelle Knue

House Washing In Cincinnati OH

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Mr. Wash did an exceptional House Washing job pressure washing my aluminum siding. The low pressure with cleaning solution got the job done without doing any harm. They’re honest and VERY fair priced. I expected to pay a lot more for the size of my house. Will be highly recommending them to family and friends.

Patick Joerger

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