When seeking out a pressure washing, power washing, or soft washing business for your Mt. Orab Ohio home or property, look no further!  Mr. Wash just so happens to be based right here in Brown County!

If your Mt. Orab Ohio home is getting nasty looking for the green algae and mildew that has set in on your siding, brick, gutters, and brick, give us a call for your free SOFT WASH HOUSE WASHING Estimate!  Soft washing your home is MUCH safer and effective than the outdated ways of pressure washing and power washing.  High pressure has its place but NOT ON YOUR HOME as it can cause damage.

The second most popular service we offer is CONCRETE SURFACE CLEANING.  We have cleaned a TON of concrete in the Beacon Hill area.  With the use of our high flow hot water units and surface cleaners, specifically used for deep cleaning concrete, we can work near miracles!  It is good to note that concrete surface cleaning rates are drastically reduced if we are already there to perform any other pressure washing, power washing, or soft wash house wash service.

Third is our low pressure ROOF STAIN REMOVAL process which is largely overlooked, but in our opinion is one of the very best ways to increase property value.  We recommend to ANYONE that is trying to sell a home to look into having roof stains taken care of because the first thing buyers see is a roof with black stains and streaks which they think must be an old and worn out roof.  That is NOT necessarily the case most times.  It just needs cleaned.  Also, please take note that no pressure washers are used in the art of roof stain removals.  High pressure = DAMAGE when it comes to shingle roofs!

To read up on the health concerns of having mold, mildew, and algae growing on your home exterior visit our full website HERE.  Also while visiting our website, you can enjoy a plethora of before and after pictures, check out our reviews, or simply read deeper into how we go about cleaning your home and other exterior surfaces.  We can also be contacted directly by phone at 513-642-WASH for a free estimate or consultation.

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